Our Team

Compact in Action, Solid in Achievement!

Herrie Hermani


With a background in hospitality education from Switzerland and more than 40 years of experience in the hotel and resort business, an asset in finding solutions and developing businesses and enterprises in the field of tourism, he also currently serves as Secretary General of DPD PHRI West Java, Vice Chairman of KADIN West Java and Chairman of PUTRI for Organisational Affairs.


Director of Finance

Experience in the field of financial control for more than 25 years makes him understand and understand the right strategy for controlling and developing businesses related to finance, currently he also serves as director of several subsidiaries of the sari group.

Yulianto Amd.Par, SE., MM.Par.

Ganeral Manager Business Support

With a background in hospitality education from the Bandung Tourism College (STP Bandung) and work experience both at home and abroad as well as formal education related to business management, making him well aware of the ups and downs of business in the field of tourism, especially related to the provision of accommodation services and food & beverage sales as well as business development opportunities in tourist destinations.

Annisa Primanty S.Ikom., MM.

Human Capital Manager

Experience in managing and developing human resources makes it more competent and with the right management can maximize the use of a trained workforce, Currently also serves as Operation Manager at AMA Institute, an institution that provides training to improve workforce competence and collaborates with several labor distributors abroad.

Ir. Dindin Wahyudin

Riset & Development Manager

With an educational background in Architecture ITB, making him master business development in fields related to Architecture and since joining Sari Ater Hospitality makes more master related to tourism development including building objects, architects and layout and function of facilities and infrastructure.

Tri Hendrianto S.H.

Corporate Legal Manager

Ability to analyze and resolve legal issues that are being faced by the company both criminal and civil as well as corporate and capital markets. So as to make the Sari Ater Hospitality Team more qualified and competent in terms of Agreement Contract Formulation, Legal Audit / Due Diligence in relation to new business units, acquisitions and margins.

Sofyan Abdillah, SE

Partnership Manager

Graduated from Trisakti University, more than 15 years experience in strategic partnership in banking industry. Developing and nurturing long term relationship with key business partners. Proven track record of driving revenue growth, expanding market reach and enhancing product offerings through effective collaboration and negotiation. Strong communication skills enable seamless alignment of partner objective with company goals and delivering value to stakeholders. Currently he serves as GM strategic partnership at PT TIGA MAS UTAMASARI holding of the Sariater Group.